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Data Access
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TIDI Papers:
Killeen et al., TIMED Doppler Interferometer (TIDI) SPIE, 3756, 289, 1999
Skinner et al., Operational Performance of TIDI, SPIE, 5157, 57, 2003
Wu et al. TIDI Observations of Migrating Diurnal and Semi-diurnal Tides, JASTP, submitted, 2004
Oberheide et al., Nonmigrating Diurnal Tides Measured by TIDI, ASR, submitted, 2004
TIDI Selected Presentations:
Killeen et al., EGS meeting, 2003
Solomon et al., AGU/CGU meeting, 2004
Wu et al., COSPAR meeting, 2004
Killeen et al., AGU meeting, 2004
TIDI Documents:
TIDI Overview
TIDI Fact Sheet
Summary of TIDI Operational Modes
Format of HAO/NCAR preliminary wind vector files
TIMED Documents:
TIMED Overview
TIMED Fact Sheet
TIMED Data Management Plan
TIMED General Instrument Interface Specification
TIMED Mission "Rules of the Road"

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